Hakim Nabati’s Tomb

 Syyed Abolghasim, used the pseudonym “Nabati” and known as Majnun Shah and Khan Chupani and the son of Mir Yahya (titled as Honourable Syyed Oshtobini), and was born 1191 AH (1777 AD) in Oshtabin (3 tribes) village in Qara-Dagh Area. He did his preliminary studies in the village and completed his supplementary studies in Talebiyeh School which was one of the important scientific and religious centers of Tabriz.
He gradually turned to mysticism and studied the great works during his education. The beauties of the nature of Ghareh Dagh Mountain and the poetries of late poets helped him to compose Azerbaijanian and Farsi poems. One of his teachers was Arif Sheikh Sadreddin Ardebili and his pseudonym (Nabati) related giving Nabat (rock candy) to Hakim Nabati by him. Nabati has famed in Iran, Caucasus and Anatolia.
Nabati has two poetry book in Azerbaijanian and Farsi and has another poetry book called “ Ayno-al Eshgh” which published in 1332 AH in Lahore. The poet spent most of his life in his native village “Oshtabin” and died 1262 AH (1845).