Jolfa Bath

Among the historic buildings of Jolfa, Jolfa Bath has a strong commitment to norms of Iranian architecture. There is no document about the exact date of construction of this valuable building, But according to the architectural style can be attributed to the Qajar period. Some researchers believe that the building has been made by Abbass Mirza, the viceroy Fath Ali Shah, such as the bathes of Ghara Zyaadin and Kordasht, but there is no evidence of this claim.However, architecture and interior analysis of the building shows that it belongs more than a century ago.

The bath has constructed on the way of Tabriz to Jolfa where caravans stopped to get ready to cross the Aras River and used by business people, residents and custom’s employees, and militaries.

The water of the bath was prepared from the drain pipe come from Shoja Village and its main fuel was wood.