Khajeh Nazar (Abbassi) Caravansary

5 km from Jolfa there is a ruined caravansary which was built in the period of Shah Abbas via Khaje Nazar's fundings. He was one of the Armenians that migrated to Esfahan by force and then had become a successful businessman. He had impressed Shah Abbass, thus he had gained the kings favor to come to his birth place and build a caravansary in there, so the travelers and visitors, passed the river, could rest the night and then head towards Sojia or today's Shoja.

Khajeh Nazar Caravansary is one of the 999 caravansaries built in Shah Abbass Safavi era.

French Tavarnieh has seen this caravansary and writes in his itinerary:

Khajeh Nazar was one of the respected Armenians of Jolfa and developed in business and trade. He became honored by the king (Shah Abbass) and his heir Shah Safi. He was made the marshal of the Armenians and paying respect to his hometown, he built two major caravansaries in Jolfa in the both side of the river that remain to this day.

But these two great buildings were never completed due to his death.

James Carvey says of this building:

In this area there is a big caravansary built by Khajeh Nazar ( Koja Nazar) with a high cost but unfortunately there is no one to repair the ruining caravansary and there are a few Armenians living in it.

Abdol Ali Karang writes:

The ruins of Khajeh Nazar's caravansary, known as Shah Abbass Caravansary, are on the bank of Aras River. This caravansary is also known by the name of Jolfa caravansary.